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Stakeholder Support

So far, a lot of financial support has been received from individuals, groups of people, communities and companies. For further information on some of the support we have received from stakeholders, please see below. 
Community Groups

  • Colinton Community Council: thanks for supporting the Colinton Tunnel.

  • Colinton’s wider community: thank you again to everyone who has made a financial contribution or simply expressed support.

  • Colinton Amenity Association, who have supported the project through their  “Colinton Magazine” and with works near the tunnel entrance.

  • Colinton Community Conservation Trust, with whom we're "sharing" RLS.

  • Colinton Local History Society:  thanks for your help with the heritage interpretation work.

  • Colinton Parish Church:  thank you for your support in several ways, including letting the charity communicate with readers of the Colinton News.

  • Colinton Village Enterprise: thank you for allowing use of your shed in Spylaw Park!  Congratulations on becoming a SCIO.

Other Organisations

  • SUSTRANS: Newsflash! Four generous blocks of financial support have now been awarded by Sustrans ArtRoots fund. Thank you!

  • Virgin Money Foundation:  Your grant is really appreciated, which resulted from members of the Edinburgh Virgin Money Lounge voting for the project.

  • The Armed Forces Covenant: A very generous grant and thanks also for the support, advice and guidance with the application from Edinburgh Garrison and CEC.

  • Tiphereth:  Special thanks to Tiphereth's tremendous Peregrines group, who were there helping almost every Tuesday for four months, Anna and the team scraped, brushed and painted from one end of the tunnel to the other.  Great work!  Thank you.

  • Currie and Balerno News:  Valuable support has been provided by C&B News.  Thank you for that and for publishing our updates!

  • Currie, Balerno & District Round Table: Your donation towards the project costs and your support for the project are really appreciated .  Thank you!

  • Redhall Walled Garden (SAMH):  The time you spent scraping and painting was really appreciated!

  • Water of Leith Conservation Trust:  Thank you for your help with the physical work, folks!

  • Edinburgh Garrison (Army):  Lots of support, for which the project is grateful.  It was great to have the Welfare Service and the Youth Groups at Dreghorn Barracks painting their bit of the mural and being featured on BFBS Radio and Forces TV.

  • City of Edinburgh Council Neighbourhood Partnership Community Grants Fund: It was great to have this grant to fund the Heritage Interpretation work that underpins the historic elements of the mural.

  • Local Schools:  Colinton Primary School's week-long section of the mural looks great now that it's on the wall, as do Bonaly Primary's, Firrhill High School's and Juniper Green Primary's.  Great work, everyone - just over 600 young people have contributed.

  • Pentlands Art Club: Thank you for your involvement.  Your work is fixed to the walls!

  • The Mushroom Trust:  Thank you for your kind and generous grant towards our work.

  • EIS Arts Fund: Your donation towards the project costs is really appreciated.  Thank you!

  • Crudens: Your donation towards the project costs are really appreciated.  Thank you!

  • Colinton Co-op and the Co-op Local Communities Fund:  Thank you for your generous donations!

  • The Robert Louis Stevenson Society: thank you for writing about the Colinton Tunnel in a recent newsletter and for your support through your website.

  • Living Streets Scotland: The loan of your footfall counting sensors, and Chris Thompson's extraction of the data is really appreciated.

  • William Syson Trust: Thank you for your grant.

City of Edinburgh Council
  • Convenor, Culture and Communities Committee

  • Director of Place

  • Neighbourhood Management Team

  • Natural Heritage Officer

  • Anti Graffiti Officer

  • Bridges & Tunnels Professional Officer

  • Street Lighting team:  What a great improvement the new lighting has made!  It really enhances the sense of safety for users.  See the Further Reading page for a case study by the contractors, ASD Lighting, or click here to go straight there.

Local Elected Representatives

If you would like to be support the Colinton Tunnel, please donate or buy a souvenir.

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