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  • Providing a contemporary and relevant artwork, which will provide artistic pleasure and amusement, and restoring the 1980 mural.
  • Portraying the history and heritage of a unique railway and its social, industrial and economic context 50 years after it closed.
  • Recording the line's literary, artistic, church, military and industrial connections.
  • Giving a major opportunity for community engagement and involvement in the development of artwork.
  • Encouraging visitors to the view the artwork in the tunnel and to visit Colinton’s facilities and shops, thus positively aiding the local economy.
  • Creating an effective anti-graffiti environment, as murals and street art have been shown to deter “taggers” and casual graffiti artists.
  • Improving brightness and offering an enhanced sense of safety for lone walkers, joggers and other tunnel users.
  • Providing a basis for further economic development, including cafe, shop, interpretation centre, etc., - possibly in collaboration with other community groups.

small blueWe are a Scottish Charity, SC048476, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) 

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